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Summary: A detailed description of Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta brain wave frequencies.

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Brain Wave Fequencies

By: Elaine Murray

Brain waves can be measured by an electroencephalograph in cycles per second(CPS).

Beta is fastest level with a frequency between 14-21 CPS.
It is associated with normal waking exercises. At this level, the mind focuses on the five physical senses (seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting) as well as TIME, LOGIC, REASON and CONCRETE OBJECTS. Beta is like our fourth gear.

Alpha is the next (slower) range of vibrations (7-14 CPS).
It is a passive, relaxed state. When the mind is in an alpha state, it is free of worries and frustrations. Intuition, inspiration, and creativity originate here. This is the inner consciousness. Time and space become limitless. We can attain this state during meditation. Alpha is like our third gear.

Theta is a slower brain wave frequency (4-7 CPS).
This is where most people fall asleep. Control of heart beat, bleeding, and digestion occur here. This is the area of deep meditation. Theta is like our second gear.

Delta is the slowest brain wave frequency of all (0.5-4 CPS).
This area dominates in periods of very deep sleep, coma, or unconsciousness. Here the body repairs itself. Delta is the body's first gear.

In-depth studies suggest that people using the slower rhythms of the brain increase their ability to: achive desired goals; maintain positive attitude; concentrate better; learn and recall better; and maximize their intuition. Also, greater control of blood pressure, muscle tension, and digestion can be achieved.

Healing occurs at several times the normally expected rate. Effective and constructive control of the mind can lead to psychosomatic health rather than psychosomatic disease. The use of our inner levels triggers intuitive powers and makes problem solving easy by eliminating the guesswork. When one meditates, a person goes through the four major ranges of brain wave frequencies. It has been suggested that: one can overcome insomnia, control their weight, stop smoking, increase their productivity, utilize the intuitive powers, and gain greater peace of mind.

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Elaine Murray

Elaine Murray, B.A., teaches spiritual development classes with an emphasis on meditation. She has been a student of metaphysics and parapsychology for over 20 years, culminating in the publishing of "A Layman's Guide to New Age & Spiritual Terms." To contact Elaine write em@newagefast.com.

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Brain Waves
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