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Summary: How to release pent up anger towards a person and achieve emotional clearing.

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Clearing Exercise: Forgiveness and Release

By: Elaine Murray

Follow these steps to release pent up anger directed towards a person:

  1. On a paper, name everyone in your life whom you feel has mistreated you, harmed you, hurt you in any way.
  2. Beside each name, write down what they did to you... or what you resent them for.
  3. Close your eyes, relax, and one by one visualize them.
  4. Hold a conversation with each one and explain to them that in the past you have felt resentment, hurt , or anger toward them... BUT now, you are going to do your best to forgive them for everything, and to dissolve and release all constricted energy between you.
  5. Give them a blessing and say: "I forgive you."

  6. When you have finished, write on your paper: "I now forgive and release you all."
  7. Tear up the paper or burn it to symbolize you are letting go of your past experiences.

On a psychic level, the other person will pick up your forgiveness and it will help to clear up their lives as well. If you do not feel this release...repeat the exercise.

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