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Summary: Achieve goals using a treasure map as a physical visualization.

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Goal setting: Creating a Treasure Map

By: Elaine Murray

A "treasure map" is an actual, physical picture of your desired reality. By creating a clear, sharp, image, we can then attract and focus energy into our goal... rather like a blueprint for a building. You can either draw your picture, or cut out pictures from a magazine. Your map should show you in your ideal scene, with your goal fully realized.

Here are some guidelines:

  1. Create a treasure map for a single goal or area of your life, so that you can be sure to include all the elements without getting too complicated. You might want to do one treasure map for relationships, one for your job, one for your spiritual growth etc. Any size will do.
  2. Be sure to put yourself in the picture. Use a photograph of yourself for the best effect, or draw a picture of yourself. Show yourself being , doing, or having the desired objective - travelling around the world, wearing new clothes, proud author of your new book etc.
  3. Show the situation in its ideal, complete form, as if it already exists. You do not need to indicate how this will come about... in fact, this places restrictions on spirit. This is the finished product. Don't show anything negative or undesirable. "This... or something better."
  4. Use lots of colour in your treasure map to increase the power and impact on your consciousness.
  5. Show yourself in a real setting; make it look believable to yourself.
  6. Include some symbol of the infinite that has meaning or power for you. It could be an "OM" sign, a cross, Christ, a Buddha, a sun radiating light... or anything that represents Universal Intelligence or God. This is a reminder that everything comes from the infinite Source.
  7. Put affirmations on your treasure map. "Here I am driving my new Lincoln Continental with the options I enjoy. I love it, and I have the money to maintain it."
  8. Be sure to include the cosmic affirmation: "This or something better now manifests for me in totally satisfying and harmonious ways for all concerned."

Your treasure map is a powerful tool for manifesting your goal. Spend a few minutes each day quietly looking at it, and every once in a while throughout the day give it a thought. That is all that is necessary. More ideas for treasure maps might include:

  • HEALTH: show yourself radiantly healthy, active, beautiful/handsome, participating in whatever activities would indicate perfect health.
  • WEIGHT: Cut out a picture from a magazine that looks like you would look with your perfect body... and paste a photo of your head on that body. Place a bubble beside the picture with you saying: "I feel wonderful and look fantastic, now that I weigh ___ pounds."

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Elaine Murray

Elaine Murray, B.A., teaches spiritual development classes with an emphasis on meditation. She has been a student of metaphysics and parapsychology for over 20 years, culminating in the publishing of "A Layman's Guide to New Age & Spiritual Terms." To contact Elaine write em@newagefast.com.

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