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Summary: Materialization of semi-solid forms from ectoplasm through a trance medium.

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Materialization from Ectoplasm via Medium

By: Elaine Murray

A materialization occurs when ectoplasm is used to produce a semi-solid form which is capable of talking in a manner similar to when the spirit was on the earth plane. The trance medium sets up a cabinet in the corner of a room. A cabinet consists of black curtains which are hung. Usually there is a red light that enables the sitters to see the shapes as they form out of the ectoplasm from the medium. Unless invited to do so, the sitters should not touch the forms as it could damage the medium. Materialization mediumship is rare today, but was quite popular some years ago in the Spiritualist Church.

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Elaine Murray

Elaine Murray, B.A., teaches spiritual development classes with an emphasis on meditation. She has been a student of metaphysics and parapsychology for over 20 years, culminating in the publishing of "A Layman's Guide to New Age & Spiritual Terms." To contact Elaine write em@newagefast.com.

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