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Summary: Quotes on love and becoming One, by Lazaris as channelled by Jach Pursel.

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Lazaris: Quotes on Love

By: Elaine Murray

I have read several books by Lazaris, channelled by Jach Pursel. He has spoken a good deal about love. The following quotes on love are from Lazaris and would be appropriate for a marriage ceremony or simply for you to ponder about your relationships.

"Becoming One... Dream your dreams and work your magic to awaken other dreamers and magicians. As they awaken, they will hear and respond to the calls of Soul, Higher Self, and Earth. They will hear and respond to the calls of God/Goddess/All That Is. Together, you and they can find the coordination and cooperation - you can find the wonder and joy - that can only be called Oneness. Together, you and they, in the radiance of Oneness, can find your way and lead others to the New World. Step forth as one."

"Your love has a fierce majesty that cannot be matched; your love has a tenacious magnificence that cannot be contained or measured. You of the Human Race stand alone among the many Races within the dimensional universes in your capacity to love and in your ability to care - in the way you care for each other. Others love, but none like you do... Others care, but none like you do."

"Allow yourself to lean... to lean upon the love. Allow yourself to receive... to receive the love. You are strong enough to lean ... you are powerful enough to receive. Allow."

"A life worth living ... a life worth loving ... a life radiant with your light and your divinity, a life abundantly glimmering with endless opportunity ... always more. Always more ... Together, let us stir the energies and spark the forces. Now is the time to awaken the magic. Now is the time to unveil even more of the magic in you and the magic of you. Living, loving, radiant, and glimmering, you are more ready than you know, more ready than you admit, to enter the new millennium and its new years: its building years."

"We love you. And we are here for you. We have come to be with you, to work with you, to walk beside you, to take your hand in our light ... and with your permission, to take your heart in our light ... to be your friend, loving you and working with you as you are making your maps and creating your reality. And we love you ... more than you will ever know. As long as there is Light, forever and a day, we shall love you."

"Dance with the secrets of your Soul, the visions of your Spirit. Dance with the exquisite mystery of you. Somewhere in the swirl of energy and force - somewhere in the flow - you can touch the Oneness. With a fleeting glimpse or a solid contact, you can be touched by the Oneness. And out of it all you can find greater success with more happiness and joy. You can find greater love with more intimacy and caring. You can find greater living with more richness and more magic ... so much more."

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