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Summary: A walk-in is a mutually agreed upon exchange of souls.

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Walk-Ins: Soul Exchanges

By: Elaine Murray

A Walk-in is an entity that takes over the body of one who wishes to depart, instead of being born as an infant. This is always done with permission between the two souls.

The Walk-in first completes the task of the body's previous owner, before it launches on its own projects. A Walk-in's role is much like a gardener who plants seeds on the planet, helps those seeds to germinate, and then allows them to grow in their own direction.

The Walk-in is a superior soul, but not a perfected soul, and has undergone many earthly lives. Such a soul wishes to avoid returning to the earth plane as a baby and wasting the unneeded learning time of childhood. A Walk-in will take over (with permission) the body of a discouraged soul who wants to leave, or cannot keep their body alive. The soul exchange often occurs while the body is asleep.

Some Walk-ins are unaware that they were not always in the bodies they now inhabit., because they inherit the memory bank of the Walk-out.

According to Ruth Montgomery, Walk-ins are trying to bring a modicum of intelligence to those groping in the dark for solutions to the world's ills. Many Walk-ins work to release those who regret having chosen this period in which to incarnate. Their main mission is to help humankind, as servants of the Creator.

A Walk-in has earned the right, through many lifetimes of spiritual growth, to return directly to the earth plane as an adult. A Walk-in takes over an unwanted body. Sometimes the original occupant becomes depressed and wishes to bow out. In other cases an accident or severe illness has damaged the body to such an extent that its inhabitant can no longer maintain the spark of life.

All Walk-ins are filled with a sense of purpose. Some are trying to improve people's health through a greater understanding of herbs and sound nutrition. Some are working to dispel the fear of death. Others are establishing self-reliant communities that can function without electricity and modern technology. Some work to foster more creative and harmonious ways to solve problems of human interactions.

I have met one Walk-in. The transfer of souls occurred when a female plunged down a stairwell to her death, and the new soul took over. This "soul" had been a "he" on another planet, and found the adjustment to a female body quite trying. The memory bank was inherited and the woman recalled many past recollections. She is currently remarried and forging ahead with a new sense of direction.

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Elaine Murray

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