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Summary: Perform a spiritual healing by allowing energy to work through your body.

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How to Do Spiritual Healing

By: Elaine Murray

The concept of "spiritual healing" quite probably originated with the Spiritualist movement. When one attends a Spiritualist Church, people who wish to receive a healing wend their way to the healing chair where a qualified Spiritualist healer will work with them. Often the client may be lightly touched (with permission) or their aura may be stroked. The healing energy is channelled from the Universal-All-That-Is, through the hands of the healer, to the person sitting in the chair.

The spiritual body benefits from the healing work and this in turn filters down through the emotional body, the mental body, and finally, the physical body. So during a spiritual healing, one can experience a healing on many different levels. Healers who work with energy become very senitive to energy shifts and their third eye usually opens as well.

To perform a spiritual healing you have to learn to allow your healing guides to work through you, and trust that they will guide your hands as well as the energy.

  1. Enter a prayerful state of mind, saying your own personal prayer or invocation.

  2. Perform a grounding exercise.

  3. Approach your client and ask for permission to touch them or work with them.

  4. Invite your healing guides and teachers to assist you. Invite your client's guides and teachers to be there to assist... as well as their angels.

  5. Work with the energy, and allow your hands to be guided wherever they should go, and to touch, move energy, or whatever you are impressed to do. Be aware of any warm or cold spots. Be aware of heat or tingling in your fingers or hands. If it is a private session... you may feel inclined to send a tone. You will have a sense of completion when you are through.

  6. ALWAYS, always emphasize the positive. Thoughts are living things and create your reality. Visualize perfection in your client or yourself. See the "wellness."

  7. When you are through, clasp the hand of your client and offer your thanks for the healing that has occurred. You can be sure that, on some level, there has been a healing. Don't forget, we are working with the energy bodies. It could be a spiritual healing, a mental healing, an emotional healing, or even a physical healing. Your prayer could go something like this: Divine Spirit, Mother/Father/God, we give thanks for the healing that has occurred, whether it be a physical healing, an emotional healing, a mental healing, or a spiritual healing. We give YOU the honour, the glory and the praise, for we are only vessels of your Divine love and energy. May peace and blessings go with you throughout the week. In the name of Jesus, the Christ, amen. (You can change this prayer to suit yourself... and you will find as you work, you will be given different words for different people.)

  8. If you are working on several people, it is wise to wash your hands in between sessions .

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