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Summary: How to deliver spiritual messages or perform a reading.

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Delivering Spiritual Messages

By: Elaine Murray

Prior to performing a spiritual healing or delivering a spiritual message, you should utter an invocation and do a grounding exercise.

REMEMBER: Always phrase the messages in a positive way!

To deliver a spiritual message:

  1. May I step into your vibration? (Asking permission.)
  2. Physically take a step towards them. (In a group setting, you will be guided in some way as to which person you are to go to with a message.)
  3. Try to get your mind out of the way... and listen, feel, or sense the message in some way. Perhaps you will see something in your mind's eye. Perhaps you will smell something, or hear something. Whatever you sense, give it off exactly as you see or hear it. DO NOT try to interpret it. Let the person interpret it: different symbols mean different things to different people. Usually the first thing that pops into your mind is the accurate one. Some mediums pick up the pain of the deceased relative who is trying to get through. If this happens, you must firmly and politely tell them to back off a bit... that you have recognized they are there. Then ask them what they would like to relay.
  4. Whatever you get, give it off (relay it) to the person you are doing the reading for. Sometimes the most insignificant things are the most meaningful...or the most proof.
  5. When you have finished, thank your guides and teachers for assisting you.
  6. Thank the person you are "reading"... for allowing you to work with them & their loved ones.

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